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Silence is Golden, 2013

24 carat gold, lead cristal, paper. Various dimensions. 


“Silence is Golden is a series of crystal paperweights into each of which Beer has placed a miniature made of gold – one of the only materials that can be inserted into these crystal globes. Standing on piles of paper [...] these precious sculptures seem to float in space, an impression heightened by their infinite reflections. [...] Each one of them contains an actual-size replica of the ossicles in the inner ear, the evocatively named hammer, stirrup and anvil. Immersed in crystal, and physically separated, they become talismans, which here tend to symbolize silence – the silence needed for their production – more than their habitual association of sound. They are also highly desirable objects whose seductive appearance tempts the hand to touch, hold and possess. Their practical and luxurious dimensions also enfold the notions of power and social status, which the artist wanted to bring out, too.”


[Extract from an essay by Clément Dirié in Oliver Beer, Cahier de Résidence, published by Actes Sud, 2013]


Created with the support of the Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès

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