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Aural Architecture 1, 2013

Installation view Villa Arson, November 2013 – January 2014

Aural Architecture 1, 2013

Architectural sculpture: construction blocks, cement, plaster, wax.

Exterior dimensions: 3.6m x 2m  x 4.36m 

Largeur du couloir intérieur : 0.7m


From the Villa Arson press release: 


“Having worked for many years with existing architectural acoustics, at the Villa Arson I was tempted for the first time to build a quasi-architectural space conceived specifically to resound in response to the voice. This space – rather like the pipe which confronts it from a nearby wall – is designed as an extension of the mouth and body. By singing precise notes which correspond with the resonant frequencies of the structure, the sculpture becomes an extension of the voice: an instrument to be played at the whim of the viewer. Even those without any musical inclination, by simply speaking within the space, will hear their voices split and distilled through the precise cartography of frequencies that belong to it. The piece is at its most impressive when inhabited by professional singers, for whom it is as an invitation for performance.”

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